Why Business Diagnostics is needed before Business Coaching

So you decided to go for a vacation with your family or for a business trip from one city to another. Did you or your driver drive the car or any vehicle before and during the journey without looking at its dashboard data?

 I’m sure the answer could be No. Similarly when it comes to business. As the owner of your business or as the business head of someone else’s business, you need to look at your business dashboard for making informed decisions on what actions need to be taken for sustained growth . 

So what are the components of a business dashboard? The business dashboard consists of the following information: financial data, sales leads and actual sales, customer service, people performance and productivity management, project execution,  internal systems and process, leadership succession planning, competition and innovation, strategic alliances with other non-competitive and complementary businesses and networks. 

So before you create a dashboard, you need to collect and analyze all of the above existing business data using business diagnostics. The business diagnostics helps to look at what is working well and what’s not working well in your the business and to help you select relevant actions and interventions and take informed decisions . 

Business diagnostics help you to take informed decisions and also help you create your business dashboard in the process. Then decide whether business coaching, training or consulting is needed.

Listen to this podcast to know why entrepreneurs and business managers need to do business diagnostics before they decide to go for business coaching, training or consulting for themselves or their organization.

Leave comment with your views and feedback whether business diagnostics should be done before deciding any solution and how.

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