Performance Lessons from Sloane Stephens Victory

Performance lessons from Sloane Stephens

Performance Lessons from Sloane Stephens Victory

As employees and professionals, there are several performance lessons to be learnt from the victory of Sloane Stephens. A few of the various performance lessons are summarized below.

1.Sloane Stephens had undergone foot surgery in late January this year and she was ready to start practicing from April onwards.

Lesson 1: Never brood or let one’s personal setbacks and sufferings become an excuse for delaying one’s comeback into the game of life and one’s career.

2.In April, she was practicing with her coach Kamau Murray. He used to toss her balls and she sat on a backless office chair with wheels so she could hit the balls without straining her foot. Stephens was not able to stand and hit until May 16. She was not permitted to run.

Lesson 2: Innovate and persist even in times of difficulty or when situations look difficult. Do not let naysayers and critics stop  from achieving one’s passion and goals.

Lesson 3: Love one’s work so much so that one will forget the occasional pains and difficulties.

Lesson 4: Seek help from one’s mentor(s)/coach(es) in times of personal or professional difficulties.

3.Stephens was ranked 957th in early last month. She was the lowest-ranked player to win the women’s title at the U.S. Open

Lesson 5: Ignore the current level of designation, title, rank or position in life and career. You can improve your performance and rise with persistent and focussed application of talents and skills.

4.When her opponent Madison Keys lost she soon tempered her celebration walking to the net and sharing an extended embrace and had intense conversation with her.

Lesson 6: Treat one’s opponent or competitor as another human being with emotions and not someone to be crushed completely and enjoy at his/her loss.

Readers may also add their personal learnings from Stephens Victory lessons on performance.


Facts Reference: Sloane Stephens Beats Madison Keys to Claim U.S. Open Title, Christopher Clarey, The New York Times, Sept 8,2017

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  • Dr Manoj George Varghese
    Posted at 09:16h, 17 September Reply

    Very well summarised points to ponder in life. Falling, crying and cursing situation is very easy, however to get up again & then to prepare oneself back is winning.

  • Annie Varghese
    Posted at 02:40h, 20 September Reply

    Yes indeed one should learn from their misfortunes even during bad times one should get up and resume.

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