Leadership Training Approaches

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We offer three approaches to choose from for any leadership training and leadership development intervention. The approaches are classified  based on depth,rigor and impact that has to be created. The approaches provide flexibility keeping the time and budget you want to invest. The Platinum approach for leadership development training creates the highest impact on performance or culture metrics with higher benefits on cost invested.


  • FGD & Case preparation
  • Pre 180 feedback
  • Design and Facilitation of Workshop
  • Half day Refresher
  • 6 Refresher Videos and Podcasts
  • Tele-coaching
  • Post 180 feedback
  • Web-face-to face coaching post 180
  • Case presentation


  • FGD & Case Preparation
  • Pre 180 Feedback
  • Design and Facilitation of Workshop Modules
  • 6 Refresher Videos and Podcasts
  • Telecoaching
  • Post 180 Feedback
  • Final 180 Report


  • Pre-program Questionnaire
  • Design and Facilitation of Workshop Modules
  • Review of Action plans (wherever required)

Frequently asked questions

If you have less time, limited budget and want training without measurable impact then choose the Silver approach. 

If you are patient and have time, higher budget and willingness to invest for  process rigor and measurable impact, then choose the Gold approach. 

You can choose the Platinum approach if you and the management are keen to show measurable impact on culture and want ROI from your leadership training intervention. The Platinum approach makes the participants accountable for implementation and helps in building an accountable and high performance culture .

The Silver approach is usually selected when the culture and business performance metrics to impact on are not clearly known or defined. The  Value that could be shown, in case no behavioural assessment or organizational diagnostics has been done, is whether Learning Objectives of the leadership or learning module have been met and if there is an increase in learning assessment scores. In all our approaches, we insist on Action Plans. In Silver approach, however if no follow-up is included, then the organization will have to on its own monitor and measure the implementation of action plans. Therefore change in performance and role and culturally aligned behaviours cannot be shown as Value in this approach.

In the Gold approach, the organization is either clear with their business performance and culture metrics or it allows for organization diagnostics and other behavioural assessments to know the current reality of the organization and also future growth plans to define the metrics. The Value that could be demonstrated through this approach is shift in culturally and role-aligned behaviors through feedback and if the organization is willing to measure the implementation of action plans, then the value could be proven by actions taken by participants that result in increase in agreed performance and culture metrics or reduced business, customer, people issues within a team or  the organization .

In the Platinum approach, the Value is shown at both performance and behavioral change and impact on defined and agreed business performance and culture or competency metrics. This approach requires higher buy-in of the CEO and the leadership team by ensuring that either they or senior  leadership sponsor and committee or action teams support and monitor implementation of action plans and agreed projects by participants to show measurable value. The organization also allows us to be on-site for reviews of action plans at agreed timelines. We also can demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI) if the organization is willing to share specific organization related data to show value for money invested in this approach and intervention.

Please note that few processes may be added or excluded in the Gold and Platinum approaches to show Value as per agreed business performance or culture metrics.

The Silver approach involves a total time investment of minimum 1 day and maximum of 3 days of the participants. It contains one training workshop module of one to two days only and half-a-day of pre-program assessment and half-a-day review of action plans wherever chosen.


The Gold approach involves a total time investment of minimum 7  and maximum of 12 days of the participants for the entire process spread over two to three months. There is atleast two workshop modules of four days with additional days for performance and culture diagnosis, assessments, telecoaching and other post training performance support processes. The number of days for the entire intervention could vary depending on the number of workshop modules and selected intervention process.


The Platinum approach involves a total investment of minimum 12 days and maximum of 25 days spread over three to nine months .There is atleast three workshop modules of six days with additional days for performance and culture diagnosis, assessments, coaching, case presentation and other post training performance support processes.


Leadership Training Modules

You may select the most suitable leadership modules based on the findings from the organization and leadership diagnostics and assessments and the organization level of managers. To know more about sample module topics you may Click Here for Leadership Modules

Silver approach: The benchmark budget for this approach could be in the range of  minimum INR 50,000 to a maximum of INR 150,000 per batch of 20 participants.  The budget may vary depending on the number of participants, hierarchical level of participants and any process added beyond training.

Gold approach: The ballpark budget for this approach could be in the range of minimum INR 210,000 to a maximum of INR 500,000 per batch of 20 participantsThe budget may vary depending on the number of participants, hierarchical level of participants and the number of selected performance support processes.


Platinum approach: The ballpark budget for this approach could be above INR 400,000 per batch of 20 participantsThe budget may vary depending on the number of participants, hierarchical level of participants and the number of selected performance support processes for impact.


Please note that all the figures given are as of 2018-19 and could vary depending on the processes included. These figure could be used for baseline to create a budget for the intervention. 


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Our clients say

"George from Change Catalysts is one of the best facilitators / coach I came across with passion for bringing change. His firm's interventions are first analyzed, then designed and later comes the flawless execution with follow up until change is visible. The ability to connect the training requirement to the overall business objective is commendable and is able to do it because of the passion for bringing positive change. He and his team developed the Being Better Manager program for our middle management and delivered it with visible change in the desired metrics."
Director-HR, FIS (IT MNC)
"George Zacharia mentored me in Team Building and Management Program recently and proved himself as one of the Top Trainer in India today. He has the subject knowledge and depth and can easily relate to our day to day challenges in handling large teams both Functional or otherwise.George made us think and forced us to change our perception in the way to lead the gen X and Y team members. Willing to learn more under his mentor ship. "
Plant Finance Head, MRF Tyres
"Our organization had initiated an intervention for building Leadership Skills for its senior line managers reporting to CEO. The sustained coaching intervention spread over about 12 months was designed by mutual interactions, between us and the coach. Mr. George Zacharia played the important role of the coach for the intervention. Our organization and the participants have achieved appreciable improvement in the desired indices. The improvement can be traced to a large extent to the effective coaching by Mr. Zacharia and his team. We would not hesitate to recommend him for such similar interventions. "
MR. P.V.Sivaram
Managing Director & CEO, B&R ( Austrian Industrial Automation)
"We recently had a workshop on Strategic HR Consulting skills for the HR team of Idea, Maharashtra and Goa circle. The workshop was conducted by the Change Catalysts consulting firm. The workshop included the HR analytics framework and techniques, understanding HR Business Partner role, strategy maps and talent analytics.The program has brought about a significant change in the way team evaluate the existing HR interventions and they are far more scientific and structured in their approach. Our HR team was encouraged to use their own data for analysis thus making it real-time and practical."
HR-Head (Maharashtra and Goa circle), Vodafone Idea Cellular