First Time Manager Program

First Time Managers Program

About the First-Time Manager (FTM) Program

The transition from being a great individual contributor to a First-Time Manager (FTM) is one of the most important and challenging career stages in the management track. The FTM is responsible now not only for one’s own work but also needs to manage performance, results and career expectations of a team. It could also be challenging to manage one’s earlier peers who are now direct reports. The FTM is expected to assertively communicate and manage relationships and conflicts. One needs to collaborate with multiple stakeholders within the organization to manage expectations and overcome any challenges in achieving team and organizational results.

If this first management transition does not go well, it often delivers a negative ripple effect that could affect future management journey. The good news is, when the transition goes well, it can produce positive career results that are amplified far into the future.

Participants Profile

The First-Time Manager program is specifically for people who have moved from the individual contributor status to a role of managing others for the first time in their career, or who have made this transition within the last two years.

FTM Program Key Contents

  1. Why Should Anyone be Led by You?-Being an Inspirational Manager
  2. Inspirational Team Communication
  3. Discover Your Team to Motivate them
  4. Influencing Styles for Stakeholders
  5. Managing Styles on a continuum-Directing to Delegating
  6. Managing Team Excuses and Execution
  7. Performance and Development Conversations
  8. Coaching on Action planning for successful implementation


First Time Manager Program process

Upcoming Dates

  • February , April, July ’20



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