Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Employee Engagement and Talent Management

1.Why there is still attrition despite several employee engagement and team building events across the organization?

Change Catalysts CC1: During most interactions with HR/L&D and even Business heads, this question does come up regularly. Though each organization and its culture is unique therefore there cannot be a standard solution or response. However there are few checklist questions, principles and processes that could be used irrespective of the sector and culture where you work.

  • Analysing data at more localized employee engagement and pulse surveys of project teams/units could be more insightful for determining relevant events and interventions than at organizational and global levels
  • Have you done any causal analysis of improvement in retention due to such employee engagement events? If yes, check which specific events impact retention and how many events should be done and its frequency?
  • Are the employee engagement events really designed to cover issues around purpose and quality of work, autonomy and freedom, quality of management, skills and career development, recurring conflict issues etc.
  • Do you have real-time heart-to-heart conversations and feedback sessions in your employee engagement events or are those events mostly fun and party events?
  • Check if the managers and HR team facilitators are trained on how to run employee engagement sessions?
  • Have you considered the recruitment funnel and especially the source from where people who have been recruited have attrited the most?
  • Who are the managers under whom the attrition is the highest and their personality behaviors and characteristics?
  • Which projects and teams have experienced the highest attrition and the quality of attrition?
  • Are the attrition happening desirable (as sometimes we want certain people to leave) or is it high quality people leaving?
  • Are the BPHRs and business managers noticing on the non-verbal cues of the employees and team members to find out any change in circumstances?


The responses are based on several interactions of George Zacharia and other HR experts of his associate team  with individuals and corporate clients.


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