Career Counselling and Life Coaching

Career Counselling and Life Coaching

We offer our  Career Counselling and Life Coaching services for those who are looking out for:

  • Life Coach to challenge existing ways of being, doing and thinking; and to develop new beliefs, principles or skills to move beyond their threshold performance or;
  • Life Coach and Career Counsellor to guide on new role for career growth or; are in transition in their life or career journey.


Life Coach | Career Counsellor|Executive Coaches

Our team of career counselors and life coaches in Pune and Mumbai have both the relevant corporate experience and certifications to help you achieve your professional and career goals and growth. They have 18+ years of corporate and consulting experience. They are Results Certified (RCS) or ICF Certified coaches and career counselors. Our coaches  adhere to highest standards of ICF’s core competencies and ethical principles of client-centered counseling.


How to find out if you need Coaching  or Career Counseling?

Check out if you belong to any of the following categories of employee, manager or a professional:

  • A high potential individual who has remained in a role for long
  • An individual who needs to develop new beliefs or skills to move into a higher role
  • An individual who has hit the glass ceiling in his/her career
  • An individual who is exploring alternative roles or careers due to monotony, lack of passion and disinterest in their role


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